Team Coaching

The Leader Mindset Team Coaching Program is an excellent way to bring together a group of 4-8 participants that work together. The bi-weekly meetings are about 45 minutes with a quarterly 2-hour meeting. Each member is expected to participate fully in every session.

The format of each meeting follows a general structure that includes…

  • Attendance and a quick round robin style check-In
  • Individual update from each member
  • Accountability checks from previous meeting
  • Sharing of Challenges/Successes
  • Accountability Commitment for the next meeting
  • Wrap-Up

The Leader Mindset Team Coaching Program is right for you if you…

  • Work closely with colleagues on projects that require definitive outcomes
  • Belong to a cross-functional group that has just begun to collaborate
  • Lead a team that is fast-paced and deadline driven
  • Need greater cohesion between and among co-workers in a department

The Energy Leadership Index can be a wonderful complement to this program for each of the participants if so desired.