The Leader Within Program

“Helping ordinary people achieve extraordinary results!

Each one of us has within us the many qualities of leadership. Whether one has a title that identifies him or her as a leader or you are responsible for a project or household, the ability to call on your leadership talents will move you forward toward your success. For 12 weeks, each participant engages in specific topics around areas of leadership through worksheets and weekly conversations with their coach.

An important aspect of this program is the Energy Leadership Index. This self-assessment provides you with valuable insight and awareness into your unique way of exercising leadership. A full debrief with your coach is included.

Topics Covered in this program are…

Week 1: Your Personal Mission
Week 2: 8 Key Segments for Conscious Leadership
Week 3: Removing Barriers to Success
Week 4: Range of Engagement
Week 5: Emotional Intelligence
Week 6: Dynamic Communication
Week 7: Influencing Others
Week 8: Problem Solving
Week 9: Productivity
Week 10: High Energy Relationships
Week 11: Health and Wellness
Week 12: Time Management/Balance

At the conclusion of the program you will…

  • Have increased confidence in your leadership skills
  • Understand where your greatest strengths are as a leader
  • Know how to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • Exercise greater influence